The Queen's Mate


The Queen's Mate

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Her palms were placed flat on his chest while his hand was cupping her cheek and the other was still wrapped around her frame, holding her to himself. Neither spoke for the next few minutes as their eyes occasionally dropped to the curves of each other’s lips. Eleanor felt her mouth drying up as she traced his thin lips with her gaze, suddenly the room started to feel a lot smaller and she felt like she was dissolving under his gentle, yet scrutinizing eyes. He placed his finger underneath her chin, raising her face as she met his eyes again and saw the raw emotion wreaking havoc on his soul, calling out to her light, taunting her darkness with his own. Their breathings fastened, but this time due to different reasons as she could see him leaning in closer to herself. Her chest heaved up and down with want before she closed her eyes in anticipation as she waited for their lips to finally meet. But they didn’t. Instead, she felt his lips touching the warm skin of her cheeks and just when she opened her eyes again, he had disappeared into thin air, leaving her struggling with her rising heartbeat with a blush on her cheeks and a wide smile on her lips. Eleanor is the heiress of the Sparks estate and after facing the tragic loss of her parents, she tries her hardest to not break as she begins to take on the responsibility of the vast business empire. However, fate has something different planned for the petite brunette. With the appearance of an enemy disguised as a friend, Eleanor starts to unravel a world that she knew nothing about. Her greatest concern becomes survival and when she finds out that she is so much more than a mortal soul, she craves to know the complete truth about her existence. Damien is a brown-haired, kind but broody, slightly cold gentleman who happens to be the brother of Eleanor's dashing best friend, Liam. Now, Damien and Liam do not seem so special at first, but what happens when Eleanor finds out their real identities and the abilities that they hold? What happens when Eleanor finds out that she is the granddaughter of the Angel Supreme, the creator of the universe; that her father is the maker of everything that exists in the mortal world? And what happens when Eleanor realizes that she is the ruler of everything supernatural in the universe? More than all of that, when Damien and Eleanor find out that they are connected by a cosmic bond, they are unable to resist each other as they fall deeper and deeper into an affection that has no end. Damien is the queen's mate. And Eleanor is his blessing. But will the forces of darkness push them apart or will they be able to have their happy ending? And what are the consequences of a strange, yet dangerous prophecy that is about to come to light?


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • powerful
  • queen
  • heir/heiress
  • drama
  • bxg
  • supernature earth
  • supernatural
  • sassy


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