Valhalla Found(Sam Reilly Thriller Series#23)


Valhalla Found(Sam Reilly Thriller Series#23)

Length: 11hrs 34mins 73 episodesCompleted
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In 980 AD a Viking fleet, banished from their native Greenland, sailed west across a savage and icy sea. After making the perilous journey, they found a world abounding with lush meadows, rivers teeming with salmon, and wild grapes so suitable for wine that they called the region Vinland. But there was something else they discovered… They weren’t the first Europeans to make the treacherous journey. And they were not alone. In present day, Sam Reilly is called in to investigate the death of a group of archaeologists researching the ancient Maya city of Chichén. What he discovers might just reveal a deadly secret thousands of years in the making, and the missing link to the ancient origins of Valhalla.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure


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