Fifty walks with death


Fifty walks with death

Length: 06hrs 45mins 29 episodesCompleted
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After an accident, Jack Brenner slipped into a coma for 8 years, then woke up with all his memories lost. While many questions remained unanswered, he found out a fatal secret that can put him into death bed if he exposes it. Until his 16th birthday, he received an envelope which invited him to play a secret game called "Fifty Walks with Death". You can't open the door that you've already been through or enter. You can't skip the task that has given to you. If you can't finished the task, you'll be stuck in that place until you die. This game is a survival game. and there's no turning back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me to unfold Jack's mysterious adventure. Let's see how he find his memories and family back through winning the game!


  • Game
  • time-travel
  • twisted
  • mystery
  • coming of age
  • secrets
  • self discover
  • superpower
  • supernatural
  • special ability
  • weak to strong


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