Terminal Exposure


Terminal Exposure

Length: 07hrs 53mins 36 episodesCompleted
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When you mix retired troubleshooters, the Texas Syndicate, and dirty federal agents with ten million dollars to spend on cocaine and heroin, you get the idea that the border is wide open, and any dog can rule the pack. And it's as real as the thousands of dead bodies that are buried from Culiacan to El Paso.Terminal Exposure is all these things and more. As the story unfolds you will understand more the depth of criminal activity that occurs daily on our southern border. It will tell you how it will never change unless Chance Barkley and his newly formed strike team succeeds in stopping Taggert and proving his guilt to the DEA. The first of a three-part series, Terminal Exposure sets the tone for everything that is happening from Brownsville, Texas to Tiajuana, Mexico, from Peking to Sinaloa, and from the White House to China. Although a work of fiction, Terminal Exposure is factually accurate in its historical development of the border power struggles that plague the USA to this day. ]]>


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • spy/agent
  • murder
  • FBI
  • crime
  • war


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