The Forced Mafia Princess


The Forced Mafia Princess

Length: 11hrs 53mins 83 episodesCompleted
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***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND VULGAR LANGUAGE*** Mya Catalina Fontana is the daughter of one of the most hated mafia man in Italy. The only problem is, she doesn’t know who her father really was. She only learns that her father is in the mafia business when he is brutally murdered and she becomes his enemies next target. Her life gets way more complicated than expected when she is forced to take over her dad’s place in the business to protect her life. After she becomes part of the inherited business, she convinces her dad’s right hand man and best friend that they need to stop the men that killed her father and are looking for her. She has to get the location and details of these enemies before they get to her. She promises herself that she would do whatever it takes to find peace again. What happens when she falls in love while on the mission? What happens when this man, knows and is partnered with her father’s enemies? Will love conquer all? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I pushed the stripper off of my lap and got up quickly. “Where are you going, Capo?” She whispered in my ear as she felt on my muscles.  “What the f**k does it matter to you? Know your place!” I growled at her. F**king clingy a** strippers. She glared at me and walked towards Eleazar to dance for him. Good! She wasn’t that great anyway. I really needed to consider better dancers for this place. I walked towards the bathroom to take a long-needed piss. That’s why I try to control my drinking. I could piss for days when I had too much to drink. I quickly zipped up my pants and washed my hands. As I was heading out of the bathroom, I looked at my watch.  “She’s f**king late!” I growled to myself. Clarissa, the manager I hired for this place, told me that she had hired a new stripper on Tuesday. They had been training her for a few days, since she had no experience. I think she mentioned that a few days in she decided to hire her. I had to see her perform today to confirm if she was ready for the general public or not. She was supposed to perform twenty minutes ago.  I strode down the hallway until I reached the VIP seating where I was previously at. “Get me Clarissa now!” I muttered to Rigoberto as I sat back down.  “Yes Capo.” He answered walking away.  I don’t want this irresponsible brat working here if she is late for her first real performance. I looked to the side at a panicked Clarissa. I signaled her to walk forward into the glass section that I was sitting in. “Capo.” She said, giving me a curt nod.  “Tell this girl that the position is no longer available.” I told her as I sipped on the new whiskey that was brought out. “Capo, if I may.” She said hesitantly. I glared at her but nodded for her to continue. I hated it when people questioned my decisions. “Lei è stata lei ma è nervosa.” (Italian for “she has been here but is nervous”) “I will not wait any longer. She either dances for me now or she can consider herself unemployed. My time is too valuable to wait for this sh*t.”  “Si, Capo.” She said as she scurried away. 


  • love-triangle
  • family
  • princess
  • maffia
  • drama
  • gorgeous
  • passionate
  • Romance


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