Vampire King's Love


Vampire King's Love

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"Athena is the daughter of a decades-old vampire hybrid, she is the girlfriend of the 1000years-old vampire. But, what she didn't know was that she is already written in the destiny of a King. In the book of Vampire Fate and Mate, she is already being fated with a very rude, arrogant, and charismatic King. The Vampire King who rules half the vampire world is finding his Queen for years. He has the power of thousands of vampires, witches, and demons. He has an army for him. King Sapphire Cornwall is not only a Vampire King but a playboy also... He changes girls like clothes. King Saphire Cornwall, the manipulative hot vampire prince, his eyes are so charismatic, that nobody can evade away from them, he cares about no one except one person!!! He loves the most is his stepbrother Morgan Cornwall, he can do anything for his younger brother, Morgan just has to consult him to fulfill his wish. Morgan never told him about a girl he saves from a hunter, he never told that he is in a relationship. Princess, Athena James Black was a new vampire girl who was introduced to the vampire world for only 100 years. She found her lover Morgan Cornwall when a man hunter tries to kill her. Morgan saves her life she falls in love with him. She loves her boyfriend so much!!! But what will happen??? when she meets with Morgan's big brother!!! When she will get to know that her boyfriend is a prince. What will happen when they both came face to face what is written in the fate of Saphire, Morgan, and Athena?"


  • Paranormal
  • arrogant
  • manipulative
  • badboy
  • prince
  • stepfather
  • drama
  • bxg


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