Late Hours with the Biker Devil


Late Hours with the Biker Devil

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I just didn't cross the line, but I went home with the devil. Thorne Demitiri. That's what he is called. The whole town fears even the sight of him They call him the Devil, the biker devil He's old, powerful, rich but bad…… He runs the pack of South Fallon Riders, he's a gangster ,a dominant. But me ? Lillian Holt, eighteen years old girl, the mayor's daughter who was raised to be a good girl. The same mayor who is waiting to get his hands on the biker, to destroy the bikers gang. . . . After one passionate but unfulfilled night, the devil has been residing in my mind and in all of my fantasies. I was seventeen, I wanted to be rebellious that night. I lied to him about my age along with my name. He promised me things which still gives me my wet dreams. But then before he could fulfill his promises ,the cops as per the mayor's plan ,broke into his house searching for the devil. Even when he had all the chances to escape ,he stayed behind and hid me safe So their dirty eyes will not fall on me, as he surrendered. Now it's been seven months, since that night. I'm eighteen, now And he's out of the jail. Back to the kings throne. He thinks I was my father, the city mayor's bait to reach him that night. But ill just have to prove him wrong. And I believe whether it is the devil or the king, once a promise is made it must be fulfilled. Even if it comes with a deal with the biker devil. “LATE HOURS WITH THE BIKER DEVIL — a story of forbidden romance which comes with all the bad adventures"


  • dark
  • one-night stand
  • dominant
  • dare to love and hate
  • gangster
  • bxg
  • biker
  • affair
  • Romance


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