Bad Engagement ( Book 10 of Bad Billionaire's Club)


Bad Engagement ( Book 10 of Bad Billionaire's Club)

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Kate McLeod was desperate. Her younger sister was having her first baby, her younger brother was recently married, and...Christmas was coming. And in the McLeod household, Christmas was everything. Every year, her parents’ house looked like an assembly of angels had puked everywhere. She was talking lights and glitter, garland and plaid. Everywhere. All of that Christmas spirit was topped off with the annual McLeod Holiday Party, complete with mistletoe and happy couples and...her lonesome single ass. Kate, the one everyone tried to set up with their friend or cousin or coworker. Kate, the oldest and pathetically unmarried sister. Kate, the sad, single San Franciscan. Well, this year she had a plan. She was going to get herself engaged. A diamond ring on her finger was the perfect way to get her family to back off. And she had just the perfect guy in mind.


  • billionaire
  • family
  • HE
  • Romance


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