Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror

Length: 21hrs 37mins 108 episodesCompleted
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Anastasia is a monster hunter living in a war torn apocalyptic city known as New York Remnant. The world now ruled by the Vampire Nation, the city controlled by their 'police force' the Warlock Council. This world, ripped apart by war that caused rifts where demon monsters of huge proportions enter, is survival of the fittest for most of humanity now, although a relative peace has settled and an awkward normalcy has resumed. However, Ana's semi stable world is irrevocably changed forever when she sees a mirror in a pawn shop that she is strangely drawn to. Taking it home she realises it's no ordinary mirror.... And neither is the glorious beautiful vampire that stares back at her from the other side.


  • Fantasy
  • possessive
  • dominant
  • prince
  • witch/wizard
  • vampire
  • apocalypse
  • magical world
  • realistic earth
  • witchcraft
  • dystopian


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