New Blood (completed book 1 of the Blood Moon Saga)


New Blood (completed book 1 of the Blood Moon Saga)

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What is a werewolf? In my world a werewolf runs with the pack, we keep to ourselves, we have our own schools, our own territory. Our life is about reaching that amazing age of 18, getting gifted our wolf and finding that one and only mate, the other half of our soul and getting marked. A small bite on the neck to show other males and females that you are taken. When that’s all done you start to repopulate the pack. We are pretty basic creatures, in most cases the pack are family and family is sacred. The Pack is ruled by an alpha, he usually has a Luna. That’s what we call his other half, then he also has a beta, a beta is second in command and after him comes the gamma. The rest of us? We are omegas. Then there is the question of what is a mate? A mate is the one wolf of the world that was made just for you, you have an instant undeniable attraction, a magnetic pull of passion and love. It’s instant love, right then and there and it’s all I've dreamed of my entire life. But now you know what a werewolf is meant to be, let me tell you what the reality actually is for me. My pack don’t run together, my pack don’t treat each other as family, not even my father treats me as family. From the outside looking in you would probably think. Oh here comes the betas daughter, the most polite, helpful young woman in the pack but in reality? Yeah that’s not my life. Honestly I’m pathetic, terrified, skinny, starved and beaten. The only time I’m truly happy? Yeah that’s when I’m asleep. Asleep and dreaming of my future mate, daydreaming about our future family. A real family, one that has a home full of love and laughter, with kids and movie nights, one that’s part of the pack, a good pack. A family. That’s all I've ever wanted and now that I’m about to turn 18, it’s all at the tip of my tongue, so close I can taste it. Well that’s if my father doesn’t kill me first. Lilly was broken, she was abused, she suffered and fought for her survival every single day, until it all changed. Falling into the arms of her mate is easy, not when the love they share is as hot as hell itself, the desire they have for each other is explosive, addictive and strangely healthy, They grow together everyday, building the home and family they have always dreamed off, but is it realistic to stay happy, safe and comfortable when you run the biggest pack in the world? Can they actually accomplish the peace they have been craving their entire lives or will everything come crashing down on top of them? Or worse on top of those they love and care for? Can they save them all while trying to survive against a world that threatens them all every single day. Find out now in Book 1 of The Blood Moon Saga, New Blood is Book 1 of 10 in The Blood Moon Saga. For future release dates follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at J.D_Novel’s. The novel following this one is called ‘Rising From The Ashes’ it will go live on my account soon. I love to hear your feedback and I’m so grateful for all the support that has gotten me this far. You all have made me better, helped me grow as a writer and in confidence and for that I can’t thank you enough.


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • shifter
  • mate
  • luna
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • passionate


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