The Best Friend's Contract


The Best Friend's Contract

Length: 15hrs 16mins 64 episodesCompleted
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Aidan, a billionaire and CEO of Empire is known for the title 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' for two reasons. His extremely good-looks and for not wanting to get married, at least until he reaches forty but his mother keeps on setting him with unwanted dates, leaving him frustrated. Kenna, Aidan's best friend, is a doctor who has never found the right time for love. She has always been busy with work to an extent that she forgets about her own personal life. Both of them has always been close ever since they were kids, after a single incident that happened, instantly making them inseparable. As they grew older, things began to change yet best friends are forever . . . no matter the circumstances. What happens when Aidan sets up a contract and wants Kenna to be a part of it?


  • billionaire
  • friends to lovers
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • CEO
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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