Into the Spirit


Into the Spirit

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Running was all she was good at. Terra Glenn never stayed in one place for long in fear that those who have hunted her will come back for more. Fear that if she stays around someone for too long, those same demons will come back and hurt them to get to her. Her wolf is valuable and possesses power other wolves only dream about. She is dangerous to her enemies as well as priceless to those who crave to control her. Ayden Rogue is the definition of power. Running the Head Family Pack of the Western Region and a multi-billion-dollar corporation. When the two meet, they were not prepared for what was in store. They were not prepared to be mates and they were NOT prepared to have no choice, but to face their demons if they wanted to move forward in their lives. Will they grow to know and love each other, or will their pasts consume them? ---POV: Ayden--- Her petite body walked in front of me while my wolf kept shouting at me. That white pant suit was doing nothing to calm him down. It was flawless, just like her. Especially with that motherly instinct both my wolf and I noticed immediately. “Mine!” I sighed and she tilted her head noticing my irritation. I hope she doesn’t think it was geared towards her. “Yes, I heard. Thank you.” I responded calmly. I can't have him worked up any more than he already is. He growled in my mind and snapped at me. “Take her then!” I snapped back quick fast and in a hurry. “PATIENCE!” My stern voice cut through and I heard the whimper. Jumping all over her won’t solve our problem. This will be a very interesting pairing and I’m not too sure in which way. I wanted her…yes…but I cannot just take her, and my wolf will not get the upper hand on this. The humans are in control, not the other way around. It wasn’t like when Mya and Mason found each other. They had no…previous baggage stopping them from pouncing on each other in the middle of the barbeque my family threw not too long ago. Terra and I, however, are a completely different saga of novels. She is already ten feet out the door and I have to coax her back to comfort. Back to me. I sat down in my dark brown leather chair and ushered for her to do the same in the black cushioned office chairs facing my desk. She shifted Lily a bit before sitting down and my daughter decided it would be fun to jump up and spin around so she could look at me and dangle her little feet over Terra’s knees. My office was a bit more modest than one would think. I didn’t like a lot of stuff. I had a simple deep red textile carpet and windows on three out of the four walls. On the one wall that didn’t let in light, I had floor to ceiling bookshelves installed to house research from all my projects and mergers along with reference materials I think will be useful to me while I do research on different companies and possible ventures for RI. I like darker colors because the room has so much light, and it contrasted nicely. “Hey, Little Cub.” Terra smiled at Lily and pinched her cheek. That instigated a giggle out of my Lil’. Seeing Lily happy made me want to put a ring on her immediately, but I can’t until she talks to me. Mating is consensual. Until I get something out of her, I’ll just enjoy the warmth she shows for my daughter now and not worry about what is to come later. “Lily, can you please wait with Bryce? He can go get you some ice cream.” Ugh, this sounded like I was about to conduct a business deal. Not talk to my mate. Lily turned into Terra’s bosom and started pouting. She never says no to ice cream. I guess the lure wasn’t going to work this time. Not with Terra in the room. She made that very clear last night. Terra is more important than anything. ---------------------------


  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • HE
  • shifter
  • curse
  • powerful
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • love at the first sight


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