Who am I, a heroine?


Who am I, a heroine?

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Serena was an average werewolf who was just a tiny bit different from the rest of her pack members. At least she thought she was average, but everyone else looked at her and treated her like she was some kind of heroine who will save the world one day. She was born with white hair colour, which looked a lot like the Moon Goddess’ hair, according to old books so everyone thought that she was sent by the Goddess herself to look out for all the werewolves and help them in need. Everyone respected her, loved her or feared her, except one person, Mason. He hated her because his friend, Cayden spent all his free time with her and because she was always the centre of attention wherever they were. Oh.. and she had a crush on her best friend, who was also Cayden. Mason thought Serena was fake, but what happens when they are stuck together for three weeks? Will he see the good in her or will he continue hating her? Will Cayden reciprocate her feelings or will she need to endure the pain of loosing her best friend? Follow them and find out... * This book is the sequel of the ‘What am I, a monster?’, but it can be read as a stand-alone as well.


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • fated
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • bully
  • pack
  • coming of age
  • enimies to lovers
  • school
  • bodyguard


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