She is my hoodie girl. ✔


She is my hoodie girl. ✔

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"Umm.. You know what Angel? Your body smells like rose. Your hoodie smells like lavender and you. Urgh" He groaned and I blushed of the position we are standing focused my gaze at ground. "Let me check again." He smirked and lifted my chin and tenderly peck my lips. "Umm. Maybe...." He tapped his chin with his finger and folded on arm and the muscles bulged out of his shirt which is rolled upto sleeves. "Ah. Yes it maybe berry, no raspberry, nah, str- yes strawberry. You taste like strawberry and you know what I am so gonna taste this strawberry everyday. And never let anyone touch it. 'Cause you are mine." He said with great passion and possession dripping in every word. Why dear lord why he have to stick around me only ..... He pecked my cheeks and tugged my arm and storm out of the room dragging me along. ••••••• Amelia Stewart, a normal girl of Prescott high school. Fed up of the drama she faced months back now shifts to Florida with her mother. Yup. Divorce. Now expect a normal and smooth senior and obviously last year. Always hid her curves and body under a hoodie . But what happens when unfortunately while walking in the grocery store checkin the expiry date of chips. Hah, funny. She bumps into the most.... Okay well a boy for now. And the zip of the hoodie slip down and the boy is now obsessed with her smell. Now. Meet Ashton Ryder, the player with Greek god type looks girls swoon over him. He is in the same school. Pockets filled with money. Perks of being a baby of rich daddy. Yeah when HE bumps into our sweet Amelia and got obsessed with her smell and her curves an--- But the worst starts from when the secrets unfold and the obsessed loverof Amelia came back to grab her back. Will Ashton be able to save her. Roller coaster of emotions. Past came running back. From i see. Not a good future ahead.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • billionaire
  • playboy
  • maffia
  • comedy
  • lighthearted
  • mystery
  • bully
  • small town
  • gorgeous
  • naive


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