You are my addiction


You are my addiction

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I thought that I have run away from him, I will never meet him in this lifetime but did not know we will meet like this. I did not know that my bully would be my boss and he has come back to make my life hell. "Are you trying to run away from me?" he said to me paining my both hands above my head. "Please let me go," I said to him and tried my best not to cry. "Why?" he asked to me fanning his breath near my lips. his whole body was touching mine and telling me how hard he was. his member was telling me that he wants to devour me whole, and how much he is horny he is for me. "Please I beg you," I said to him with my teary eyes. I could not able to control myself and cried and my fat tears escape from my eyes. he looked at my tears and kissed it. "Did you forget? the day I saw you, I never intended to leave you" he said to me and I got scared hearing him. "Don't worry I will not let you forget this and whenever you forget about this I would make you remember in my bed," he said to me and gave an evil smirk. How can you forget this? You are my addiction.


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • boss
  • bxb
  • offifice/work place


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