Loving His Demons


Loving His Demons

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In this sequel to Fighting His Love, Damon and Savannah's daughter, Phoebe, is off to college to pursue her business degree to prepare her for taking over her father's empire that he built. Ready for new experiences and adventure, she was not prepared for the rollercoaster ahead of her after catching the eye of her roommate's cousin. Devilishly handsome, charming, and mysterious he lures her in. Phoebe tries to fight the chemistry they have, but something about him has her longing for him even though he is a complete stranger. Can Phoebe stay away? Or will she fall victim to his charms and end up heart broken and now a target to the enemies he has waiting in the shadows. Family secrets start to come out and it turns both their world's upside down. A bad boy falls for good girl story with so many twists and turns, it'll keep you guessing! "Stai lontano da lei, cugino." (Stay away from her, cousin) Sofia warned me. She was never one to talk back, but anyone can see she truly worried for her friend. "Stai attenta, Sofia." (Be careful, Sofia.) I chuckled darkly. Even though I would never lay a hand on my cousin, I was not going to allow her to disrespect me. Especially in front of people. "Tuo padre non approverebbe il tuo tono." (Your father would not approve of your tone." "Scuse." Sofia whispered as she continued to stitch my shoulder. "E semplicemente troppo buona per il nostro mondo." (She is just too good for our world.) "Non preoccuparti. L'ingenuo non e il mio tipo." (Do not worry. Naive is not my type.) **Story will start posting March 1st. Readers should be at least 18 years of age. Explicit scenes including violence, torture, and sex**


  • billionaire
  • opposites attract
  • dominant
  • powerful
  • maffia
  • drama
  • secrets
  • passionate
  • seductive
  • Romance


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