The Thunder Wolves MC - Lexie (Book #9)


The Thunder Wolves MC - Lexie (Book #9)

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Stumbling, I nearly fell on my ass as I opened my apartment door. The guy\'s hands on my hips were the only things stopping me from falling all the way to the floor. He was strong enough to stop me from falling. Although he wasn\'t all that steady on his feet either. Honestly, it was a wonder we had made it from the bar to my apartment on his motorcycle. Although the ride wasn\'t that long, only a mile or two, neither one of us wanted to walk it. Our only thoughts were on relieving each other of our clothes, and even the drive over took way too long. Laughing, I kicked my shoes off while he shut the door. Again his hands were the only things keeping me from falling over as I moved through my apartment, leading the way to my room. My roommate wasn\'t home, leaving the apartment to just the two of us. Not that I had originally planned on bringing someone back to the apartment with me when I went out. Especially not someone I didn\'t actually know. The only things I knew about the guy were that he was damn hot, a member of the local biker club, and his friends all called him Iron. But let\'s be honest, that\'s all I needed to know in my drunken state. Well, that and he was into me and all for having some fun. ***First chapters of this book will begin uploading on 8/1 with updates every Friday. :) ***


  • sex
  • one-night stand
  • pregnant
  • drama
  • bxg
  • biker
  • werewolves
  • small town
  • realistic earth
  • Romance


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