Andre's Alphas(Andre's Alphas Trilogy#2)


Andre's Alphas(Andre's Alphas Trilogy#2)

Length: 12hrs 52mins 72 episodesCompleted
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My name is Vicki Montgomery. I’m overworked, frustrated with men, and my mother’s been driving me crazy. I finally have a whole week off and I intend to spend it by myself. But then I get kidnapped. This is not how I expected my vacation to start… --- André Chevalier knows Vicki’s kidnapping is just the opening gambit in a very dangerous game. If he’s going to win, he’ll need the help of friends like “Father” John Flynn and Detective Lorenzo Martin. It’s time to call in André’s alphas. . .


  • Steamy Stories
  • billionaire
  • spy/agent
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • sex
  • kidnap
  • pregnant
  • dominant
  • single mother
  • punishment


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