The Destiny of the Half-Bloods


The Destiny of the Half-Bloods

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Book 1 of the Destiny Series I run my hands through my perfect jet-black hair, and artfully adjust my slightly-too-tight jeans. Now for the kill shot- I hook my fingers through the belt loops to skillfully pull my pants down just enough to expose a sliver of muscled skin below my waist. Finally, I flash a seductive smile at her and use my patented, never-fail pickup line. “Hey.” I say with a little nod of my perfectly sculpted chin. No woman has ever resisted my well-rehearsed seduction. She blinks at me. BLINKS. Without a word, she looks back down at her guitar and resumes her mournful melody. What in the actual hell? I am the son of Lust itself, the Demon Prince Asmodeus! And she just... looked away! This has never happened to me before. How can a mortal girl resist me? As I stand in my dumbfounded stupor, her song begins to wrap around me like billowing smoke. I breathe it in, and I feel it within me. Alive. I feel alive. As she continues her song I fall under this mysterious hypnosis once again. I feel compelled to get closer to her but I don’t understand why, and I’m unable to resist her call. Without realizing it, I take a step towards her. What is happening to me? It’s just a song. It’s just a girl. And yet, I take another involuntary step closer like a mindless zombie. All of my free will has been surrendered to this beautiful siren, but for some reason I don’t care. All I want is to stay under her spell for all eternity. I silently take a seat next to her on the steps, relishing in this loss of control, listening intently to the beautifully sad song she plays. For once in my life I am not being driven by the evil forces of hell, but I belong to this enchanting woman. It feels so pure, so... good. Not pleasurably good, but just... good. When she finishes the song my mouth hangs open stupidly. What is this sorcery?


  • Fantasy
  • body exchange
  • opposites attract
  • bxg
  • demon
  • campus
  • superpower
  • supernatural
  • lonely


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