Andre Undercover(Andre's Alphas Trilogy#1)


Andre Undercover(Andre's Alphas Trilogy#1)

Length: 12hrs 07mins 72 episodesCompleted
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I’m just a small-town girl working undercover as a sex slave in order to expose an international human trafficking ring. Sounds crazy, right? But I’m not alone. The irresistible André Chevalier is with me. Psychoanalyst, philosopher, gentlemen, and friend—the Frenchman is to hot sex what crack is to an addict. I expected danger, risk, exploitation, and constant fear. But I never expected to fall in love. Warning: Contains intensely erotic scenes, profanity, naughty pillow talk, and damaged heroes who like it rough and dirty.


  • Steamy Stories
  • alpha
  • sex
  • kidnap
  • escape while being pregnant
  • straight
  • colleagues to lovers
  • friends with benefits
  • humiliated
  • punishment
  • surrender


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