The Rise of the Rejected Mate: The Scion Book 1


The Rise of the Rejected Mate: The Scion Book 1

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Blurb “Better to stand and fight. Run, and you’ll only die tired.” That was one of Gia’s grandfather’s favorite sayings and he spent her childhood drumming it into her. Gia (Gudrun) is a human with ties to the supernatural. When she starts working for the Rad, the council which oversees the supernatural world, she meets Davin and realizes that she is his mate. Davin is everything she hates in a male and she would rather die than submit to such a pompous a.ss. Davin, on the other hand, finds humans to be beneath him, then he realizes his long-awaited mate is human. Gia finds an ancient relic that would uncover a dire threat to the entire supernatural world. All evidence suggests that an alliance with the werewolves is the only way to save them all. Would Gia and Davin put aside their mutual loathing and find a way to work together to save them all? Excerpt His blood boiled and he cursed the Moon Goddess. How was a pathetic human supposed to be his queen? He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her around the corner before anyone could see them. “I don’t know what the Moon Goddess was thinking when she paired me with a pathetic human and a disgusting slut too. How many men have you f*cked? Do you just open your legs for everyone, or is there a charge?” he sneered. “You don’t deserve to be my queen and mate,” he spat. “I, Davin Erikson, reject you, Gudrun Erling, as my mate and queen,” he growled. She laughed. The melodious sound both enchanted and mocked him. His eyes widened; how was she able to laugh off the pain of rejection? Humans were known to go into comas and die from a true mate’s rejection. ‘Just another reason they were unfit,’ he thought. She continued to laugh, and then suddenly, her expression changed to disdain.


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • bxg
  • kicking
  • female lead
  • mythology
  • rejected
  • self discover
  • seductive


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