Tainted Wife


Tainted Wife

Length: 02hrs 45mins 13 episodesCompleted
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Neha is a sweet, innocent, and adorable simple girl, whose life was perfect until the arrival of Kabir Khurana. She was not born with a golden spoon but nurtured with values and dignity. Kabir and her own dad changed her life. Her dad forced her to sign the contract and Marry Kabir Khurana. There is a huge age difference between them but Neha's dad didn't listen to her pleadings. After Moving on her life, she never thought she would meet her ex boyfriend again, Niel Singh. But now she doesn’t belong to him, she forgot him a long time ago but did he forget her? Did he move on his life? Did he know that...


  • revenge
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • age gap
  • arranged marriage
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • twisted
  • husband
  • Romance


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