Avenging His Luna


Avenging His Luna

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Imprisoned by his nefarious father, the Alpha of the pack, for the crime of stopping his sister’s execution, Joshua finds relief only in the comfort brought through the prison wall by the only being capable of taking away the pain of the silver chains: his mate. He spends years longing for her nightly arrival outside the prison, waiting for her to bring him relief and praying to the Moon Goddess to one day be free and finally meet her in person. When the sister he saves frees Joshua from captivity and kills their father with the help of her mate, Joshua takes over as Alpha of the Crescent Pack and promises to undo the abuse, enslavement, and debt his father caused. Finding his mate amongst those he needs to free; can Joshua bring her the healing and comfort she so often provided him? Can he eliminate those who brought her pain? Scarlett’s wolf guides her repeatedly to the pack prison, feeling the mate bond strongly as she presses herself against the cold concrete wall. Her parents view her as damaged goods when she refuses to stop her nightly visits, selling her to Alpha and turning their backs on her abuse, including her forced prostitution. She survives a harrowing night of pain at the hands of a neighboring Alpha and carries a secret he unknowingly created. When she comes face to face with the mate she thought she would never see, can she trust that he isn’t a true convicted felon, but instead a victim himself? Can she believe that this male will be different from all the others in her life and find happiness and the strength to bring healing to the pack? Sequel to Luna Clara’s Revenge. #Dreame writing marathon-love story contest


  • revenge
  • sex
  • fated
  • shifter
  • mate
  • sensitive
  • brave
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • Romance


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