Their Human Mate


Their Human Mate

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Normal. What is normal? Ember is a human on the run from her abusive ex, Ryder, who she believed murdered her mother. She ends up crossing into Miami and find employment with Miami's hottest bachelor's, Seth Lightwood and Carter Moonstone. They are co alpha werewolves of the entire Miami territory. They recognize her as their mate immediately, but she has no idea of the supernatural world. Working for them, she becomes entangled with the best friends and is introduced into the supernatural world, learning that her ex, Ryder, is the alpha of their enemy pack. While dealing with the complicated Seth and the lovestruck Carter, life throws an even bigger curveball her way when she learns she is also mated to their brothers, Damien and Jordan, who are Red moon alpha hybrids. Just when she thought things could not get any crazier, she finds out there is a huge war happening in Olympus, the kingdom of the God's, and her blood is the key to the ending of the war. A dark prophecy surrounds her. Not to mention she has begun exhibiting strange powers. What is happening to Ember? Why is her blood so special? How can she deal with four mates when two of them hate her just for simply being what she is. Human. Read on and find out. *********************** " Does this feel good, Red? Carter whispered in her ear. She didn't answer. I gripped her face after removing one hand.  "Answer him, Babygirl," I demanded. She looked at me with wide eyes at the nickname. "Now" I said to her. She was breathing heavily.  " Yes. Yes, it feels good", She slightly moaned. She was flushed.  "Good girl", I said to her before putting my hand back under her soft ass.  "Hold her", I linked Carter. He gripped her thighs while I unclenched hers from around me. I trailed my hand from her neck, down to her breasts. I couldn't help myself. I pulled away her bra, revealing her rosebud nipples. I pinched them and she squealed a little. I smirked.  "Such a good response to me", I said to her. She could only keep her eyes closed and feel what I wanted to do. Lowering my hands into the water, I moved apart her panties and slid my fingers over her velvet fold. She felt so soft.  "Seth", she moaned, leaning back into Carter, who was nipping at her neck again. I bent down just as Carter lifted her higher. One thing about Carter and I, was that were always of one mind. We both knew what the other wanted.  "Look into his eyes" Carter whispered to her. Her gaze travelled to mine. I could practically feel the lust she was radiating. Keeping eye contact with her, I knelt down and kissed the bottom of her cute belly, making my way down until I was close to her clit. I kissed everywhere but her clit, teasing her.  "Seth, please" she said, gripping my hair, but I moved her hand from my head.  "Put your hands on Carter's waist" I demanded. She put both hands to her back, holding on to Carter.  "Good girl", I said again. "Good girls get rewarded.", I told her and shoved my tongue into her pussy.  "OH FUCK", she nearly screamed as my tongue tasted her. She was my meal, and I was ravenous. Carter bounced her a little so that she was grinding on my tongue, and it wasn't long before we brought her to an orgasm. I was not done. I put two fingers inside her and focused my tongue on her clit again. I used slow thrusts with my fingers, building her into a moaning mess. When she was close, I removed my fingers and shoved my tongue into her. "S... Seth...I'm gonna.... fuck", she moaned.  " Come for us, babygirl"


  • Fantasy
  • mate
  • dominant
  • serious
  • bold
  • werewolves
  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • crime
  • seductive


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