The Billionaire's Real Wife


The Billionaire's Real Wife

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***Completed** Mia Edward, an adopted daughter of a family had never been lucky all her life. Rejection started the day she was conceived in her mother's womb. Queenie Edward, Mia's younger sister and the biological daughter of the family was engaged to the Crown Prince of Cambodia. As the future Queen of the country, her family worships and bows to her like a god. Queenie visited her family one day and threw Mia out. Mia fell into the hands of Logan, a billionaire with an unknown identity who had been bothering her life for the past three years. She had no option but to marry him. She fell deeply in love with her legally married husband who pampered her like an egg. Her meaningless life became meaningful and her dreams began to move in the right direction. She thought she had found the perfect world. However, all hell broke loose when her husband's real identity unfolded. Mia had one final and toughest rejection to contend with but she had no weapon to fight except love, courage and wisdom. [Warning: Mature content]


  • billionaire
  • self-improved
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • female lead
  • royal
  • first love
  • passionate
  • Romance


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