My Sexy Billionaire


My Sexy Billionaire

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They say love is lovelier the second time around. First love isn't meant to last forever. Diane never thought she would agree to these nonsense sayings, but when she caught her fiancé red-handed, it broke her into million pieces. She even thought she wouldn't see the rainbow after this rain or more of a storm in her life. Being a doctor, who is always on-call being one of the assigned ones in the ER for a prestigious hospital, she is guilty of lacking time to spend with her long-term boyfriend turned fiancé. While John, a low profile billionaire, the only heir of the legendary Richards Electronics Industry, is still trying his very best to live in the world far from what his grandma Betty Richards has been bugging him to handle, their family business. He had a very bad accident when he was a boy that broke a very sensitive part of his legs and knee. Since then, he has been in constant therapy. Though he can walk normally, just like others, the pain is occasionally unbearable after excessive walking or fast running. His therapists are, of course, from the top credited and the best in the field, yet his condition is found out to be more of trauma than the physical condition itself. The pain has been too long that his system cannot forget about and be totally healed. But everything is believed to be happening for reasons. That is when the billionaire became the patient of the soulfully dedicated doctor...


  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • goodgirl
  • powerful
  • boss
  • doctor
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • realistic earth
  • Romance


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