Alpha Meera and the Peasant King


Alpha Meera and the Peasant King

Length: 33hrs 04mins 222 episodesCompleted
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Everything was going according to plans, until Meera stumbled on Damion, an omega to a dying park. The last breed of werewolves are being hunted down ruthlessly, by a team of sophisticated hunters, led by Heather. Both Damion and Meera are determined to push through all circumstances that promises to befall them. Meera is surprised to discover her truest form, an Alpha, and Damion is excited to take rulership of a mighty city, he discovers in the later end. Together, they surmount all challenges tabled before them from the east, north, west and south.


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • royalty/noble
  • twisted
  • straight
  • bold
  • werewolves
  • female lead
  • realistic earth
  • war
  • weak to strong


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