Cursed Mate: The Roma Academy


Cursed Mate: The Roma Academy

Length: 10hrs 33mins 52 episodesCompleted
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Tinsley and I walk over to the pool and sit on the edge with our legs in the water. The guys swim and play around. It is relaxing and definitely something we all needed. From time to time I look at Connor, especially when he climbs out of the pool and his body glistens with the water dripping down his abs. The guys—who are a bit riled up now—come out of the water and stand on the edge of the pool side by side. “Na, whoever jumps the furthest, wins.” Leon says. “They are such kids right now. It’s cute.” Tinsley says to me and I laugh, agreeing. “We are going to have a problem here because the three of them are werewolves. I’m sure there will be no winners at the end.” I say and we laugh again as we watch them. Suddenly, our laughing stops when the guys stand completely naked. We watch as their clothes burn away, almost as if they disintegrate. “What the hell?!” Tinsley shouts. I gasp. Sausages and meatballs! We see it all and I almost scream. The guys, unaware of what has happened to them, look at us and they also gasp. I feel a draft and when I look down, we are also completely naked. I scream and jump in the water as I try to cover myself. Tinsley follows doing the same. My head comes out of the water but I feel so embarrassed. The guys now noticing that they are also naked, they put their hands over their main course meal. “What the f**k!?” Cole shouts. “What happened?! What is going on?!” Tinsley screams. Suddenly, a very pissed-off Aurora walks out of the hotel room in our direction with Ezekiel behind her. “Amy!” She shouts. I look at her completely scared because I have never seen her this angry.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • shifter
  • curse
  • werewolves
  • secrets


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