The Italian Billionaire and His Run Away Bride


The Italian Billionaire and His Run Away Bride

Length: 04hrs 05mins 31 episodesOngoing
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" Do not provoke me, Cassandra. You are not ready for my punishments." Samuel whispered in her ears. Her back is pulled against his hard chest. His hand tightened around her neck and one arm gripping her around her waist. His exhilarating smell dominated her senses. She's feeling more aroused than being scared. " Bring it on, Samuel, I am not scared of you," Cassie answered in a hard defiant voice. She has been testing Samuel's patience lately. She's not good at following orders. She won't give in to Samuel's demands even if he is so damn irresistible! Cassandra's life made a 90 degrees turn when she witnessed a murder on her way home from her 13 hours shift at the diner. Samuel is every woman's fantasy. He is the most eligible yet elusive billionaire bachelor in the city. He owns businesses all over the world, yet nobody knows the nature of his business. He has a dark past and a matching dark personality. He is a certified womanizer. He hops from one bed to another, a different flavor every week. But it all changes when he met Cassandra in that dark alley one fateful night. Will she be his downfall and him her REDEMPTION?


  • billionaire
  • dark
  • maffia
  • bxg
  • city
  • crime
  • weak to strong
  • sassy
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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