Unconditional Surrender: Strike Force , Book 1


Unconditional Surrender: Strike Force , Book 1

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Had he found her again only to lose her to a stalker? Slade Donovan and Kari Malone shared one anonymous night of hot sex. Five years later unexpected circumstances throw them together again and what’s between them burns hotter than ever. But as a member of Delta Force, Slade is wary of relationships, drawn to Kari on the one hand and hesitant on the other. Kari has her own demons, the stalker she moved to escape who seems to track her everywhere. As the unknown stalker ramps up his game, it will take the Delta Force team to rescue her, and the danger to show them both that what they have is electric, erotic and real.


  • Steamy Stories
  • sex
  • one-night stand
  • second chance


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