The Gospel of Lucifer: A Novel for Our Times


The Gospel of Lucifer: A Novel for Our Times

Length: 07hrs 50mins 13 episodesCompleted
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Lucifer, to escape the cold of a Northern New Mexico winter, steps into an old adobe church, intruding on a baptism. By insinuating himself into the boy’s and sponsors’ lives, Dr. Luke Ferrer becomes Adám’s tutor, though it is unclear whose education is being undertaken. The Prince of Darkness, intent on instructing a new race of human beings loyal to him, is confounded to learn that his protégé “does not like girls in that way”. Adam likes boys, especially his mejor amigo. This is but the first of many challenges and obstacles Lucifer must face and overcome. Adam and Iver join an age-old underground organization whose goals are directly opposed to those espoused by Lucifer. Though the boyhood chums accede nothing to him, Lucifer does not abandon hope that he will one day win them over to his side. During a cross-country trip in the friends’ rusty Outback, the devil disguises himself as a mouse and other creatures to spy on them and learn what he can about the rebel group The Not Named. Replete with humor and insight, The Gospel of Lucifer encourages us to face our shadows and acknowledge those aspects of ourselves we would rather banish.


  • LGBT+
  • demon


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