Blades of Death


Blades of Death

Length: 03hrs 00mins 20 episodesCompleted
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My hands won't rest, The blades won't stop, The killing won't halt, Until my sword finds the neck of that man, I seek vengeance." Years have passed yet the dark memory still haunts Khizo. The sight of seeing his family slaughtered in front of him still so fresh as if it happened yesterday. Not able to handle it, Khizo finally sets out in search of truth. To find the real murderer of his family. This shows a simple peasant what the real world is. The murder was part of a great rivalry going for ages and the search for truth brings Khizo in the middle of the rivalry. He's no longer a simple peasant boy but an outlaw fighting with guards, sneaking into places, assasinating people and charging into battles; all of it in seek of vengeance.


  • Paranormal
  • adventure
  • murder
  • powerful
  • brave
  • king
  • tragedy
  • medieval
  • kingdom building
  • war
  • cruel


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