Transcending Waters


Transcending Waters

Length: 06hrs 22mins 106 episodesCompleted
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"Transcending (to rise above; a human limit) Waters, takes you on an exciting journey. Though set in a different time, it parallels the strength and faith we all need to overcome challenges in our own lives. It is a story of true strength, of love and friendship, of family and of the faith to endure. This story takes you into the lives of two young men, Case and Dane. It takes you through a tragedy that tears them apart, and then through the incredible challenges they face with two men that believe they should rule the land. The discoveries they make about themselves are powerful. The friends they make along the way add fun, intrigue and love to their journey. Some events in this book could be called magic, but are they? Decide for yourself as you take this journey.


  • Y&A Teenfiction


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