Tamburlaine: A Broadway Revival (Volume 3)


Tamburlaine: A Broadway Revival (Volume 3)

Length: 07hrs 36mins 56 episodesCompleted
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Chris Marlowe, a drag queen of a certain age, has kept the failing, New York City show bar, Tamburlaine, open because of a long-ago made promise. When a young man enters his life, Chris reconnects with the world and everything changes. The bar once again enjoys success, crowds flood to Tamburlaine for the gender-bending shows directed by The Great Jericho Taylor, and Chris’s impersonations of the famed comedienne, Rusty Warren are once again loved by audiences. So, why is someone trying to kill Christopher Marlowe—again and again?


  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • self-improved
  • confident
  • city
  • weak to strong
  • actress
  • Romance


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