The Alpha Rogue and the Geek (The Destiny Series#2)


The Alpha Rogue and the Geek (The Destiny Series#2)

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“So, this is why you ran away? To whore around with humans” he spat, disgust in his eyes.  “How dare you!” she yelled as she raised her hand to slap him, but he caught her wrist mid-air.  “Let me go you caveman!”  He pulled her closer and sniffed the air around her.  “You reek of his human! You disgust me!” he growled.  He growled and threw her on the bed.  “You are my mate, Bella! you should not have the scent of another man on you!” She tried to stand up but he pinned her down on the bed.  “I am not good enough for you? Because I am a rogue? Or because you think I am not as rich as his human of yours?” he sneered  “Let me you!”  “Not before I remove the scent of his human of you.” he yelled as he started tearing her clothes off. “Let me you! Let you go you monster!”  He did not listen, blinded by jealousy, his wolf taking over.  “You really are your father’s son!” she screamed, tears running down her cheek.  Her words were like a slap in the face. He jerked back and looked at her, his eyes wide open when he realized what he was doing.  His mate, was terrorized and crying on the bed, her clothes torn off… and he did that to her!  Book#2 of the Destiny Series (Can be read as a standalone)


  • Fantasy
  • mate
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • bxg
  • genius
  • disappearance
  • tortured


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