Praesidium: Shadows in the Wind


Praesidium: Shadows in the Wind

Length: 08hrs 25mins 33 episodesCompleted
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Kathryn Bek gets the chance of a lifetime: a job offer right out of college, and in New York City, where adventure lies around every corner. Believing she is recruited for her marketing prowess, she is excited by the prospect of her new job in the intelligence sector; but all is not what it seems. Before long, Kathryn and her new team are thrown into a world of mystery, murder, and magic. As the team rushes around the world, untangling the web of lies, she finds that her past may be the key to protecting her, and the world's, future. Will she be able to confront her fuzzy past to unlock the secrets within herself? Can her team rise to the challenge and stop the Paolucci Crime Family before they unleash havoc upon the globe? Who will endure, the Kathryn of the past, or that of the future? Praesidium can simply be described as "Good people with mad skills working to bring hope to a dark world."


  • Science Fiction


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