Oriel: Fallen Angels, Book Two


Oriel: Fallen Angels, Book Two

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ORIEL: I am an angeling of the light, born to love and protect. Humans have breached the barrier between the mortal and immortal realms, threatening war between them, yet I'm sent to Guard one of the scientists helping to push their technology forward. An angeling's place is not to question the angels, but I fear this might bring the End of Times. Not to mention that other Guardians have already fallen from the sin of Lust, and my charge is as beautiful as any in angelkind. But it's her soul that draws me inexorably close, for she's broken, and it's the kind of wound I was born to fix. ELIZABETH: I've dropped everything do to secret science on an amazing project. I was only sixteen when cancer stole my father. A few months later, my mom was taken by a car crash. I vowed to fulfill their dreams for me, to do great science like my father, and I've spent the last ten years of my life doing just that. Then Dr. Netherman invited me to join her secret project, and her transdimensional work is legit blowing my mind. Just like the hot personal bodyguard she has assigned. Now is not the time to break my No Dating rule, but Holy Hotness, does this guy have to be sweet and kind as well? I have to stay focused on my work, after all, we're going to change the world. In a war that threatens mortals and immortals alike, the Angels of Light vow to protect humanity. But they will be tempted by the sweet promise of Love. Fallen Angels is a follow-on series from the bestselling Fallen Immortals series. It contains sexy hot angels of light and shadow.


  • Science Fiction


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