His Wild Slave


His Wild Slave

Length: 20hrs 56mins 94 episodesCompleted
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Eva Ikens have red ferry hair and big blue eyes, she looks like a walking sex goddess but she is as cold as a glacier, she is dead inside, she feels nothing, no emotions she had turned herself into a dead body which have no emotions but have only one goal kill those people who killed her mother and become the richest person in the world and if she can't then become a wife of one to fulfill her mother's dying wish. Dimitri Antonov young master of a Russian mafia world, who had everything in his reach, there is nothing in the world that he could not have but when he saw a girl with red hairs looking at him like he was less than a dog not caring that he is her master and she is just a slave. "what do you think you are doing?" asked Dimitri in a low and dangerous voice. "what do you think I am doing MASTER," Said Eva saying master with more force than necessary. She knew she was playing with fire, she knew she should cower but she could not stop herself from talking at the movement. "Do you have a death wish?" Dimitri said and came near her walking as slow as a panther and his eyes as sharp as eagle watching his prey all this time, enjoying her trembling but not backing down infront of him. "What if I have one, will you grant it," Said Eva fear visible in her voice but still her eyes held the fire in them. "NO, but I will make sure you will pray that you were dead," Dimitri said and smiled sinisterly which made Eva shiver like a leaf and want to run for her life but before she could do anything she was caged in very strong arms and it was too late to ask for mercy.


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • dark
  • sex
  • forced
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • humiliated
  • wild
  • Romance


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