Ascension: Quest For Revenge


Ascension: Quest For Revenge

Length: 06hrs 52mins 23 episodesCompleted
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In the magical floating city of Bluegate, king Ender rules over a massive empire with an iron fist. Axel Brooks, a powerful mage, betrayed by the king and left for dead, will stop at nothing to exact his revenge. Allying himself with a fierce rebellion, he only has one shot at killing Ender; if he misses it, the entire world will pay the price. This is a deep fantasy world ruled by magic and swords. Entrancing worlds, lovable characters and intricately detailed magic systems - this story will be very difficult to put away.


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • revenge
  • powerful
  • mage
  • medieval
  • magical world
  • dragons
  • war


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