Owned By Her Triplet Bullies


Owned By Her Triplet Bullies

Length: 23hrs 12mins 141 episodesOngoing
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Growing up as an Orphan and an omega, Emma is subjected to bullying especially from her pack's Alpha's triplet sons and their best friend the Beta's daughter. All what Emma dreamt about and longed for was her 18th birthday when she is finally old enough to leave the pack but what happens when she discovers she is mated to her bullies: The Alpha's Triplet. Will she ever forgive the Triplets? How will the brothers successfully win her over especially when the Beta's daughter wants the boys only to herself? "I can't do this. I can't deal with all this. You all have toured me so much that I'm sure you will make my life a living hell if I stay here as your mate,” I said, trying hard to control my tears. “What do you mean by that?” Philip asks anxiously. I stared at the three of them for a few minutes before saying what I had to say. “I, Emma Garcia, refuse Julian Martinez, Philip Martinez, and Alexander Martinez as my mates. I refuse to accept them,” I finished, crying profusely. I saw their eyes widen in shock. ********* WARNING!!! THERE ARE SCENES OF EXTREME BULLYING.


  • Fantasy
  • opposites attract
  • shifter
  • bxg
  • werewolves


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