Time Bomb(Decker Brothers Duet Book 2)


Time Bomb(Decker Brothers Duet Book 2)

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Tick. Tick. Tick.It’s the sound I hear when I look in the mirror, or when my mother reminds me of a certain internal clock too. It’s all I hear when I go on these blind dates my friend–Laken Decker–keeps setting me up on.Date one was a banker, all about numbers. Kind of boring.Date two was nice, maybe too nice.Date three was WHOA! A hot firefighter–Torque Decker–who kissed me like he was trying to steal my soul.Date four was not the hot firefighter from date number three. I wasn’t looking for another date from anyone–except maybe, the firefighter. Let alone seeing one of them again when a small kitchen fire ignites my coffee shop, The Perfect Cup. Now I’m burning up with my attraction for the sexy firefighter who saved me and the desire to overcome my past, the abandonment I feel from the one man I should have trusted most.Tick. Tick. Tick.Was all I heard after a bomb nearly derailed my career in a warehouse fire. I was only looking for some fun when my brother’s girl sets me up on this blind date with some chick I don’t know. But Ophelia Montgomery is way more than I bargained for. She speaks her mind, goes for what she wants, and man can the girl kiss. Her mouth says she doesn’t want more, but her body spoke volumes. She wants me. But she won’t call me. Until the fire that sets her life ablaze. There’s isn’t much I won’t do for her after she clung to me in the aftermath of an inferno neither of us were prepared for.Tick. Tick. Tick.Love is a Time Bomb but we have a lifetime to explore and ignite our flames. We hope.


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