INDEBTED To A Tyrant King


INDEBTED To A Tyrant King

Length: 17hrs 19mins 85 episodesCompleted
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Sneak peak “Then what the hell do you want?” I snapped, standing up, unable to sit. “Everything. I want everything. Your every desire. Every thought. Every want. I want to own you, every inch of you. Inside and out.” By the time he finished, his blue eyes were like dark storms, and they seemed to look deep inside me as if he could just snatch out my thoughts from my mind just by his will. “You can have it.” The words were out before I could give them another thought. He sat still, almost frozen as he looked up at me. And I smiled, inwardly, knowing I had made him speechless, momentarily if not more. “Except my heart.” I added at last. The fervor in his eyes dimmed. They flashed silver. Calculating, plotting his next move, he regarded me for a long moment and it doesn’t matter that he was sitting and I was standing, he still managed to intimidate me with the way he eyed me. Then finally he said, “Alright. I’ll give you your freedom, but with certain conditions. And in exchange, you’ll obey me, no questions asked. For the entire world, you’ll play my dutiful wife.” “And in bedroom.” I added. He flashed a wolfish grin as he agreed, “And in bedroom.” Then he held out his hand for me, “A deal, it is then?” I placed my hand in his my whole body coming alive as if it knew what I was agreeing to. “Deal.” The next second I was on his lap as he tugged me down sideways with his arm around my waist. “Now, why don’t you make me believe that you’ll truly stand by your words.” Summer First time I met him,I befriended him.Second time,I wanted him to kiss me.Third time,I imagined marrying him.But when next time I saw him,I realised how wrong I was.He wasn't a prince but the Tyrant King.He wasn't a hero,more like a villain in everyone's story.He wasn't meant to be a loving husband.He was more like a predator who lures virgins to be sacrificed at his altar. Instead of letting him trap me in his alluring web,I decided to run away. But now I'm in need of a favor.A huge one.And there's only one man who can help me.The man from whom I'd ran away in the first place.Bcoz he wanted something that I wasn't ready to give him then.Me. Standing on his turf, I'm waiting for the infamous mafia king of New Orleans to grant me an audience.I've a deal to make. But the rules have changed.He just doesn't want me.He wants my submission.Mind.Body.My thoughts.My heart.My soul.As he said Every-fucking-thing. Gabriel Since I saw her,I wanted her.My obsession made her run away.She thought I wouldn't find her.She thought I'd forget about her.She thought that she could be safe away from me.But she thought wrong. I'm a predator,a dangerous one.The one who could keep her safe from all the other animals in the wild. I am Gabriel Wolfe.The most powerful,feared man in the city.I own New Orleans.There's nothing that happens without a nod from me.I'm as ruthless and cruel as they say.I won't stop until I get what I want.And I want her. I’d waited for her to come to me.I've a plan.To give her what she want and have her in my debt.She shouldn't have run away.And if she did,she shouldn’t have come back.Bcoz now,just having her isn't enough.Now, I’m going to make her mine.In all ways that matter.


  • possessive
  • forced
  • dominant
  • manipulative
  • maffia
  • drama
  • twisted
  • childhood crush
  • sassy
  • Romance


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