Survival Bunker System Developer


Survival Bunker System Developer

Length: 10hrs 22mins 51 episodesCompleted
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Year 2022, the world was infected by a strange disease called PXE22 that started from New York City. As a resident of the city and one of the world's best programmers, Caleb Houston did his best to survive the lockdown. Less than 100 days after the apocalypse of ghouls, Caleb died. In the after life, an entity called God granted him a survival bunker system and tasked him with saving humanity. When Caleb came to, he was back to a week before everything went to hell. Armed with a new ability and knowledge about the future, Caleb seeks to find the scientist in charge of Project PXE22 to find a vaccine for the survivors. As ghouls run rampant around the world, Caleb has to race against time to collect resources, design a strategy and save humanity.


  • Game
  • reincarnation/transmigration
  • zombie
  • second chance
  • no-couple
  • serious
  • hackers
  • male lead
  • apocalypse
  • special ability
  • dystopian


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