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Holus Bolus

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Also, he's totally insane.A rare brain condition causes his memories to reset every day, and because of this, he often wakes up in strange places with no memory of how he got there. He can't even remember his own name. When he's not racking his brain over his shoddy memory, he's arguing incessantly with a disembodied voice that doesn't seem to belong to him, one he can only hear inside his head.He may not know much about the troubling situation he just woke up to, but he knows, without a doubt, that he's completely f*cked.While the odds are certainly stacked against him, there may be hope for our protagonist yet, for clutched in the corpse's cold, clammy hands is a handwritten tome that suggests not only his innocence, but also reveals some bizarre and dangerous secrets, leading him to believe his own apartment building may be to blame... or is, at the very least, an accomplice.That sounded better inside his head.Luckily he's not the only one trying to solve the case. The book also leads him to a group of outcasts who are in the midst of their own investigation. The only problem? They all suspect one another!One thing's for certain, someone inside the tower is a cold-blooded killer. Can our protagonist solve the murder before he falls asleep and his memories reset? Or worse, before the killer strikes again?Find out in HOLUS BOLUS. You'll be pushed to the very edge of sanity!]]>


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • murder
  • revenge
  • killer
  • detective
  • lies


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