The Grey Witch and her Dragon King


The Grey Witch and her Dragon King

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“You’re so wet” he growls. He starts massaging my bundle of nerves in a circular  motion before he enters a finger. He continues to lick, suck, and nip at my nipples while he enters a second finger.  “Aiden” I moaned. He pulled his fingers out making me whine at the loss of contact. He takes off his boxers. He reaches into the drawer and takes out a gold  packet. He rips it open, rolling it over his thick, long shaft then lines himself up with my entrance.  “This will hurt a little” he said as he slowly thrusted inside me. I scream when he breaks through my hymen. He stops letting me adjust to him. When I feel the pain subside a little I begin to move little by little.  “Fuck baby, you’re so tight” he growls. He tangles his hand in my hair as he began to thrust faster and harder making me moan.  “Aiden” I moan out his name as I feel myself getting closer. He pounds into me harder and deeper. I was close to the edge.  “Aiden… I’m going to come” I moaned loudly as I go over the edge. I could feel his movements getting sloppy and I knew he was close. A few more thrusts and he  followed me with a roar spilling his warm seed inside the condom. 


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • pregnant
  • king
  • queen
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • vampire


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