Mr. Billionaire, I'm Back!


Mr. Billionaire, I'm Back!

Length: 16hrs 46mins 122 episodesCompleted
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Being framed by her stepmother and being murdered by her step-sister, Joanna ended up dying tragically on the street in her previous life. Fortunately, when she woke up again, she found herself back to her eighteen! This time it's her turn to take revenge on those who had betrayed her, bullied her, and tormented her! But wait a minute, who on earth is this handsome guy? And why did he protect her every time when she is in a jam? - - - - - - - - "Why couldn't I slap her? She is a vicious bitch and she deserves it!" Robin was taken aback by Joanna's curses, and he shouted, "How dare you talk to your mother like that?" Joanna laughed scornfully and said, "I would never talk to MY MOTHER like that! I will, however, talk to your bitch of a wife any damn way I please! Don't play dumb. You may have provided the sperm that made up my DNA, but you never been a father to me. Not only that, but you also caused my mother to commit suicide! You don't even feel guilty, do you?" - - - - - - - - - Brian clasped the back of Joanna's head and gave her a deep kiss. Then, he let her go and said, "Now you know who I am to you. You are mine. You can try to leave me, but you will never escape me!"


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • HE
  • fated
  • pregnant
  • drama
  • kicking
  • city
  • rebirth/reborn
  • weak to strong
  • Romance


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