Dearest Luke


Dearest Luke

Length: 10hrs 52mins 35 episodesCompleted
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Nicknamed Dearest Luke, Luke Leigh finds himself at The Divergent Canine Pack and stumbles across his second chance mate. Determined to make it work this time, he does everything in his power to maintain his relationship. However, life isn’t kind to him and throws him many curve balls along the way. Including a different kind of shifter. “I found out the truth about Warcester Town,” Nia softly admits to Luke, who snaps his head towards her in worry. “Oh?” “Shifters living as humans, a secret pack,” she announces. Luke shakes his head as he tries to understand what she is saying. As an ex-hunter, he never knew there were others out there. He pulled Nia close to him and breathes in her intoxicating scent. “Whatever it is, we will get through this,” he whispered as he pressed his lips against her forehead, comforting her as best he could. His mind wasn’t able to shut down as he thought about the drama he had to face, yet again. (Luke is a character from the Loving Luna Series - Stephan's Book)


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • shifter
  • mate
  • dominant
  • sensitive
  • luna
  • beast


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