The Newcomers


The Newcomers

Length: 13hrs 57mins 21 episodesCompleted
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THE NEWCOMERS is a novel by Pamela Jekel, best-selling author of SEASTAR, BAYOU, COLUMBIA, NATCHEZ, DEEPWATER, RIVER WITHOUT END, SHE WHO HEARS THE SUN, and other historical sagas. THE NEWCOMERS tells the story of a global invasion and is Pamela Jekel's first novel of the future. When alien crafts are parked over every capital city on earth, Chase Cummings is sent by his family from Atlanta, Georgia to live with an African family as part of the Children Transfer Program initiated worldwide to save gifted children from the work camps of the Advisors. THE NEWCOMERS tells a story of human resilience and of two families on opposite sides of the world, struggling to survive and ultimately finding salvation in the wild places of the planet.


  • Romance


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