Tame Her Alpha


Tame Her Alpha

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She soon stopped her laughter as the all too familiar aura of Alpha Kane gripped her. she began to feel strangled, she frowned, only one hateful person had the ability to do this to the Omegas. Evil Alpha Kane. Wherever he was going, his scent was always so strong that it usually immobilizes those who are lesser than him in strength and power. Throwing the bed covers away from her body, She began to suddenly feel hot all over, from the smell of his scent. But little did Catharina know that not all the Omega’s felt hot all over their body, none of them felt the way she felt, the pleasurable tingle that ran through her as his scent drew nearer. None of the other Omega’s in the building felt it the way she did, she was an animal in heat. All other Omegas had scrabbled to their place of abode within the building, they knew he could decide to come into the building and anyone caught spying on the festival would be faced with some devious punishments. They all scampered off to their bed. Feeling overwhelmed by the sudden hotness in her body, the pleasure was cooing all over her, making her body wet with desire, struggling to focus, Catharina ran off the bed, to pour water on her hot skin. Scared out of her She took the phone with her for fear of it being discovered. The other girls were snitches and could not be trusted, the only friend she had in the pack was Alina. “Hey, Stop there” Came the command as she was about to enter the bathroom. Catharina froze, still shivering as a fresh wave of pleasure hit her body. ________ When Evil Alpha Kane’s wedding is planned with Evil Mirian. He is convinced through their texting that she was the perfect woman for him as he had fallen in love with her over their series of texts and calls, But what would he do when Mirian who denies ever knowing him or ever texting him. Evil Alpha Kane became a laughing stock of the Pack for love. Alpha Kane refuses to live down the series of embarrassment that follows, he vows to find out the true identity of the female texting him. How would Catharina escape the clutches of Evil Alpha Kane when he tracks her down? Will he leave her to a ruthless fate of silver poisoning or would he try and save the omega who dared to text him from Afar?


  • dark
  • powerful
  • bxg
  • evil
  • werewolves
  • supernature earth
  • school
  • weak to strong
  • Romance


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