Finding Peace: The Finding Home Series, Book Eight


Finding Peace: The Finding Home Series, Book Eight

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Keeping score is the quickest way to lose. Anica Maggard was born under a lucky star. Her big sister became her very best friend. Her debut novel was an instant best seller. She lived in the apartment of her dreams at the age of 25. But luck changes...and sometimes it runs out entirely. Cancer steals her sister, and that loss robs Anica of her words. Years later, she still can't even find the desire to search for them. Ethan Trainor coasts through life, trading on his boyish grin, cerulean eyes, and ample trust fund to succeed. No one has ever bothered to peel back the façade and discover that Ethan's glorious life didn't begin with a silver spoon. It began with bars on his windows. A boiling rage simmers just below the surface, and when the demons from his past swing back around, that fury threatens to consume him. When fate drags Ethan to Atlanta to confront his past and Anica there to search for her future, can they both find the peace they need to let go? Or will they lose what really matters in the process?


  • goodgirl
  • bxg
  • weak to strong
  • Romance


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